Ulverin R

ULVERIN R is a minimally invasive device, using the phenomenon of radiofrequency with microneedle therapy system.

Treatment with ULVERIN R device involves very precise and intensive heating of both epidermis and dermis thanks to precise depth control.

Thanks to such action, we can achieve spectacular effects of skin rejuvenation after just one treatment. During the therapy we cause controlled micro-damage of the top layers of the skin accompanied by the thermal effect. This leads to stimulation of fibroblasts and production of new collagen.


removes signs of ageing

builds a new collagen

provides natural, spectacular and long-lasting results

comfortable treatments by sucking in the skin fold

performs treatments in places previously overlooked: eyelids, elbows, knees


Skin rejuvenation


Extended pores

Scar acne

Face lift, face oval correction

Skin volatility

Stretch marks, scars


Supports hyperhidrosis treatment


open wounds

patients undergoing anticoagulation treatment

hemostatic disorders

metal stents/implants

bleeding disorders

ULVERIN R - Price list beauty salon Mada Wrocław

cena: od 200 do 2500 zł
czas zabiegu: 60-90 min