Plasmage device is the most modern achievement in aesthetic dermatology and plastic surgery.

It uses the plasma phenomenon (electric arc phenomenon) in fractional mode for completely non-invasive treatments. Its effect is the "evaporation" of changes from the skin surface. Thanks to the fact that the plasma acts on the spot, it does not harm the healthy tissues surrounding the affected area.

Treatments performed with the Plasmage device are almost painless - for the comfort of patients we perform them under local anesthesia with p/pain cream. Immediately after the treatment there is a slight swelling of the treated area, redness and visible scabs that remain on the skin for up to 10 days. The period of convalescence after the treatment is very short. Most patients return to daily activities on the second day after the treatment.


results visible after the first treatment

the method leaves no traces, as in the case of surgical intervention

patient comfort during the treatment and healing process

allows you to perform eyelid correction while maintaining their full mobility during and immediately after surgery

short treatment time

does not exclude from daily activities

short recovery time

cheaper than surgery

outpatient procedure

without ablation


upper eyelids

lower eyelid art

elimination of the so-called "smoker wrinkles"

removal of acne scars

stretch marks removal


pregnant women and breastfeeding period

the detected active inflammatory and infectious processes in the body

people suffering from skin diseases

persons with autoimmune diseases

implanted pacemaker and other implanted electronic devices

Price list of Plasmage treatments - Mada Wroclaw Beauty Salon

price: from 99 PLN to 1550 PLN for the surrounding area