Makeup is not only a face mask or fashion trend. Makeup is an art that helps us to expose the advantages of the face and tries to bring to light its individual features, in a word, by inking imperfections it emphasizes the advantages. Regardless of whether the latest fashion trend is full, sensual lips, cat eyes or artificial eyelashes.

Makeup should be tailored to the style, personality and character of the woman. The idea is to look simply good, feel good with yourself, be well cared for and radiate confidence.

Make-up - Price list Mada Wrocław Beauty Salon

price: 110 PLN
procedure time: 60 min


price: 110 PLN
procedure time: 60 min

Wedding trial makeup

price: 130 PLN
procedure time: 70 min


price: 40 PLN
procedure time: 30 min/pc

Tufts of eyelashes