Henna and Eyebrow Regulation

Perfect eyebrows determine your beauty. The eyebrows are the most important element of the face - they give it character and help to express emotions. The eyebrows form a unique face frame and must look perfect.

Professional eyebrow styling exposes the eyes and gives expression to your gaze.

Eyelash extension and thickening - Price list Salon Urody Mada Wrocław

price: 190 PLN
treatment time: 70 min

Method 1: 1

price: 110 PLN
treatment time: 60 min

Method 1: 1 (supplement to 2 weeks)

price: 35 PLN
treatment time: 30 min

Remove the eyelash

price: 250 PLN
treatment time: 100 min

Method 2: 1

price: 180 PLN
procedure time: 70 min

Method 2: 1 (supplement to 2 weeks)